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Health and Attendance


Attendance prior to a child reaching 5 is non-statutory. However, we know that good attendance at a high-quality setting gives children the best educational start. There will be times that illness means that your child will not be well enough to attend. Below you will find information on the impact of strong attendance, guidance to support you with making an informed decision about when to keep your child off school and clear procedures for reporting absence.

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It is well researched that children thrive when they are in school regularly; they benefit from consistency and their learning is developed over a series of experiences and activities. Your child’s key person carefully plans to meet the needs of individuals and the group and it is not always possible to repeat these sessions or experiences. Please look at the information on our attendance and punctuality overview to ensure that you are aware of the impact that absence can have on attainment and progress at an early age.

Welfare Arrangements

It is likely that children will experience illness whilst attending our school. Our Welfare Arrangements’ leaflet will offer clear guidance the arrangement for managing an ill child and the protocols in place to administrate pain relief and prescribed medication.

Keeping my child off school

The Public Health Agency have provided a clear poster containing advice on when children should stay off school, and when they can return. The poster has been translated into 17 languages. Please ask at the office if a printed copy would be useful.

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