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Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development focuses on helping children to develop a positive sense of themselves and others, to form positive relationships, and to learn how to manage their feelings and behaviour. These key learnings will equip our children with the strategies and confidence to be resilient, positive individuals.

Personal Development

Our children are encouraged to develop a positive sense of self, to feel confident in their abilities, and to express their needs and feelings. Through our nurturing approach and consistent teaching of boundaries children begin to manage their own behaviour and emotions, developing the ability to wait their turn, control impulses, and manage their feelings. Careful teaching and high expectations ensure that children develop independence, understand the importance of routines, and can carry out essential self-help tasks.

Zone of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation is a framework designed to help children develop self-regulation. Emotions are assigned a colour zone and

by identifying which zone they are in, and using appropriate strategies, children can understand how their emotions influence their behaviour, and develop strategies to regulate their emotional responses effectively. They then learn to self-regulate and make better decisions about their behaviours and emotional responses.

Emotional Development

The strong key person approach supports children to feel safe and secure allowing them to understand and manage their own emotions. Through storytelling, role-play and seizing opportune moments children discuss and develop their sense of empathy and learn to share with others developing social skills such as turn-taking, listening, and sharing, which are crucial for positive social interactions.

Family Involvement

  • We invest in establishing strong attachments with the family through a robust transition schedule including a home visit, a stay and play sessions onsite prior to starting and regular calls home

  • A recorded presentation on how we use the Zones of Regulation is shared with all families.

  • The signs for feelings are shared through our weekly newsletters to ensure that all children can share their emotions.

Social Development

Our children learn to develop positive relationships with both adults and peers, understanding the concept of friendship and the importance of treating others with kindness and respect. Through carefully planned opportunities they learn to cooperate with others, begin to resolve conflict, and understand the feelings and needs of others. The rich programme of visits and visitors develop an understanding of different communities.

Supportive Environment

  • We invest in both time and training to ensure that our key person approach supports making secure attachments helping them to take safe risks, try new tasks and build resilience.

  • We provide training for staff and information for parents on how we use the Zones of Regulation to support emotional development.

  • We provide carefully chosen stories to explore themes such as kindness and conflict ensuring that the books are reflective of our school community.

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