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Communication and Language

A child’s spoken language impacts every other part of their education - academic, social, emotional and physical. Our ambitious curriculum and expert practitioners make sure every child leaves our nursery communicating with confidence.

How We Teach Communication and Language




To build strong language skills, children need continuous practice over time. From the first vocal sounds to complex sentences, our skilled practitioners support every stage of language learning.

We scaffold and model back and forth interactions, so children can try out and cement increasingly complex interactions.

All practitioners use Makaton singing, connecting and communicating with every child, regardless of their ability.


Social Communication

Story and Song

Staff use ambitious words and introduce new ones at the start of every story session. We share these with parents so you can use them at home, and your child can build a rich, varied vocabulary.

We encourage social communication throughout the nursery - the snack area is always a hive of communication!

Daily story and singing sessions encourage children to use new words and correct sentence structure, and teach them to love the spoken word!

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