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Our Federation & Our Schools

Our school proudly belongs to Roots Federation, a collective of three maintained Nursery schools dedicated to delivering educational excellence for children under five throughout Hertfordshire and beyond. United by a set of ambitious curriculum principles, our schools shared resources, best practices, and expertise to create an enriching learning environment.

The inception of Roots in 2021 stemmed from the collective concern regarding the uncertainty surrounding Maintained Nursery School funding and its potential impact on budgets. In response to this challenge, we embarked on a transformative journey, recognising the need for sustainable finances without compromising the quality of education for our young learners.

The decision to federate proved pivotal. We implemented comprehensive changes, including a revamp of resource allocation, the introduction of a skills-based curriculum, and an enhanced focus on staff wellbeing. As a result, all our schools now operate within budget constraints, providing staff with ample opportunities for professional growth while ensuring that children acquire the essential skills needed for their holistic development.

Beyond the confines of our Federation, we actively engage in consultations and training initiatives to share the strategies that underpin our success with other schools and educational settings. Collaboration is at the core of our mission, as we seek to collectively guarantee that every child, both within our schools and beyond, receives the exceptional start in life they truly deserve.

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