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How We Support children with SEND 

At Oxhey, all children with special educational needs access the same exceptional education as everyone else. They feel safe, calm and accepted by our kind and inclusive community. With our support, they build long lasting relationships and the skills they need to lead rich, fulfilled lives.


Access to our curriculum

We integrate children with special needs into the nursery as much as possible, while meeting their unique needs. Our staff adapt and adjust teaching so all children can access our ambitious curriculum.

Highly qualified practitioners

All practitioners at Oxhey are teachers of pupils with SEND. We’re all qualified in early years, take regular training on supporting children with SEN, and know Makaton. The Roots Federation also has two SEND Coordinators who give specialist guidance to children, staff and parents.

Tailored academic support

Practitioners adapt teaching so children with special needs can access the curriculum. Children get bespoke resources to support their needs, and special learning time with their key person. For children with more complex needs, we provide a more tailored curriculum, targeted sessions and time with specialists.

Identify special needs early

Your child’s key person forms a strong relationship with them, and is trained to spot the early signs of special needs. We regularly check speech, language, and development, so we can flag any gaps early.

Referrals to external professionals

Whenever necessary, we’ll refer your child to external professionals and work alongside them to fully support your child. If you already have a relationship with a professional or a care plan, we work with you to follow their guidance.

Collaboration with parents

We listen, communicate transparently and build strong relationships with parents of children with special needs. You’ll get regular updates from your child’s key worker through calls and termly report cards. You may have meetings with our SEN Coordinator. You will always be involved if we create a SEN support plan or work with external professionals.


Support for wellbeing and relationships

Our nursery is a safe, caring place for children with special educational needs. They build strong, positive relationships with children and adults. A familar adult approach is taken whereby a small team of expert adults support children with SEND. We cater to special dietary needs and offer a flexible wrap-around care service.

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