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Understanding the World

An early years education is about much more than academics. At Oxhey, children explore different people, places and communities, laying the foundations for an exciting, productive, connected and fulfilled life.

How We Teach Children About the Wider World

Embracing the Community

We recognise many different festivals and families share stories and recipes from their culture. We invite members of the community from different professions, religions and cultures to recognise and celebrate difference. Embracing the community creates an atmosphere of warmth, inclusion and acceptance at the nursery.

Diverse Resources

We ensure that all our resources include all ethnicities, genders, abilities, ages, faiths and family set-ups. This helps children understand and accept differences, so they can build rich, varied relationships throughout their lives.

Inclusive Ethos

The culture at Oxhey is warm and inclusive. Children go into the next phase of their education challenging stereotypes and celebrating differences.

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