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Our Federation & Our Schools

Oxhey is part of the Roots Federation - a federation of three Hertfordshire nurseries providing exceptional education for under fives.

Roots was founded in 2019, when Heath Lane, Oxhey and Muriel Green were struggling with budgets. We needed a way to sustain our finances, while giving children the best possible education. So, we decided to federate. We overhauled our resourcing, introduced a skills-based curriculum, and improved staff wellbeing. Now, each nursery stays within budget, our teachers have opportunities to grow, and children learn the skills they need to thrive.

Through consultation and training, we share the strategy behind Roots’ success with other schools. And if a setting needs new leadership, we invite them to join our federation, sharing our passionate leadership and ambitious vision. Find out more about how Roots is transforming early years education across the county.

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